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By using Laser's wavelength of 35Snm to reduce the thermal reflection on the workpiece & as well as high precision galvo mirror control Laser Scan Head to aim for the superb precision Laser Marking works. Further more, this system also can non-stop performing Laser Markingworks

  • Easy To Operate
  • Maintenance Free
  • Integrated System & Compact In Size
  • Class 1 Laser Enclosed System
  • No Burning Mark On Working Area
  • Training Course Available
System Application: 
Mainly use on the high precision Laser Marking works at the majority product in the world, like,mobile phone,charging adapter, communication line, medicine&drug, cosmestic, video entertainment,and any other product's surface with high precision quality,soft PCB board Laser Marking and Slicing,LCD glass surface QR code Laser Marking and etc.

System Specification:

Model 3CC
Charateristic VALUE{S)
Average Laser Power 3W-10W
Laser Wavelength 3 355nm
Repetition Frequency l0KHz to 130KHz
Repetition Accuracy <5%
Marking Area (Standard) 50mm x 50mm
Marking Area (Optional) 100mm x 10mmI / 150mm x150mm
Marking Depth 3.00mm
Linear Speed <7,000mm/s
Minimum Line Width 0.015mm
Minimum Character Size 0.6mm
Power Consumed< 600 <= 600W
Electrical Source 220V± 10% 50Hz 5A
Laser Source China / German
Resonance Chamber China / German
Suitable Material Metalized Material--Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Non Metalized Material--Rubber, Plastic, PU, PVC, Glass, Paper, Ceramic
Weight (KG) 130kg
Cooling System Air Forced Cooling
Control Link USB Interface
Interface Method CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Software Based Control
Usage Environment Clean, No Shaking Temperature Below 40°C, Humidity Below 80%

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